Director's Message



In our country, professional education has grown quantitatively, affecting the quality of the education. The difference between professional and traditional education is becoming hazy. The responsibility to initiate corrective steps lies on us, who believe in overall personality development of the student.

We, the faculty of UGI believe that the best way to survive change is to initiate it. And it is with this belief that we have regularly engaged over the years in a relentless endeavor to improve upon our past performance and to enhance our position.

In UGI, we have re-defined the mission to align it with the changing times, while maintaining focus on social responsiveness. In response to the rapidly changing economic environment and the process of globalization, the Institute has made sustained efforts to bring an international perspective to all its activities. Our institute has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. Our vision is to emerge as a top-ranking institution of the country. Our aim is to achieve national recognition as a leading player, particularly in the field of management education.

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. It is imperative to combine these three forces and preciously, at UGI we are doing the same. Education is just not a curriculum but the fundamental base of human development. Skills, knowledge and experience obtained through education define how students see the world. UGI develops their future career and ultimately what kind of life they can lead.

UGI is a highly motivated organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating individual development through professional development. We have a highly qualified, experienced and professional team of staff. Together, we constantly strive to create an inspirational environment that exceeds all expectations of students and their parents. We provide the framework and environment for you to make the education to realize your individual aspirations. We view it as our mission to help unlock the potential of students by providing inspiration, confidence and clear direction.

I appreciate the students for joining UGI, which is for sure meant to change their destiny.


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