Workshops & Seminars


The workshop is the vehicle by which a student learns the "know how" of performing and applying a theory. It is a class in which the student acquires performance experience with guidance from the teacher in a non-formal atmosphere. In Uttam Group of Institutions workshops are organized at regular intervals. These workshops combine training, development, team-building, communications, motivation and planning. Participation and involvement of staff increases the sense of ownership and empowerment. In UGI, workshops are effective in managing change and achieving improvement, and particularly the creation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve. Workshops are also great for breaking down barriers, improving communications inside and outside of departments, and integrating staff. At Uttam we believe that the best and most constructive motivational team-building format is a workshop.


Seminars are forums in which issues are raised and explored, but not necessarily resolved. They require a student to think, to practice the skills of analysis and synthesis, and by doing so, possibly leave with more and better ideas than the ones with which a student had attended the seminar. Thus UGI arranges seminars on different issues related to the courses. Seminars are integral to our academic program. They are the pistons which drive the intellectual heart of the college.

Seminars are not intended as a mechanism for transmitting information; they serve as a means for groups of students to obtain a set of common experiences, usually based on a text, piece of art, film, etc. Ideally these seminars go beyond the sharing of facts and probe the depths of the subject matter at hand. In last three years seminars on divergent issues have been arranged.

We understand that seminar is generally, a form of academic instruction. It has the function of focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is supposed to participate. This is often accomplished through an ongoing dialogue with a seminar leader or instructor, or through a more formal presentation of research.

An index of some workshops and seminars held in the campus for students to learn with the practical exposure of Institution-Industry-Interface: