E-library - The Main Library housed in a spacious building has stocking of many books. The Library is the source of a rich collection of resources and dynamic services to support the students and staff of the Institute. Today, the Library collection comprises over 10000 books and DVDs. The collection has many specific collections of special material for support staffs, faculties as well as for students. This ultimately improves the quality of the education. We subscribe DELNET & MPTEL. Over 200 national and inter-national journals enrich the library periodically. Our qualified library staff provides guidance to students, to develop their management and scholarly literacy skills. Latest books are added regularly every year. The library is kept open during entire semester. The library has a majestic reading hall, which has a big capacity for accommodating students.

This is the fulcrum of the campus and pride of its students. All the students will have access to the state-of-the-art central library. We are planning to build one of the finest libraries stocking books and journals both in physical and digital form.